Unity Deep and Deliberate – Ephesians 4:1-16

ephesus-grand-theatre - from Ephesus BreezeUnity Deep and Deliberate
Ephesians 4:1-16

A church’s unity grows out of the unity of the Father,  the Son and the Spirit.  Let’s not allow what God has united to separate.


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Central Streaming: Many Members

Paul’s Letter to the Romans



A good toe-nail is not an unsuccessful attempt at a brain: and if it were conscious it would delight in being simply a good toe-nail.

– C. S. Lewis (1898 – 1963),

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Make Disciples. Week 11: Spiritual Gifts

make-disciplesThis evening, we will get together for Week 11 of 12 in our “Make Disciples.” series. Below you will find links to an overview of the full 12 weeks and for the eleventh area on the map, Experiencing God’s Power: Spiritual Gifts.


Make Disciples. Week 11

During the 12 weeks, we are addressing areas on a comprehensive discipleship map.  After discussing each area, we will try to establish Milestones that would provide evidence of personal spiritual growth – markers that we work toward. 

Central Streaming: Many Members

The Letters of Paulapostle-paul

God builds the church out of a variety of people who have a variety of spiritual gifts. All of them are needed.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Fellow Workers for the Truth

We might imagine we have to be very special people to be used in some significant way by the Almighty. If we think so we are mistaken. In this very personal letter we know as 3 John, the elderly apostle reveals that it is a very simple thing to become a fellow worker for the truth.

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(And by the way, at the end there is a song performed by two Amish sisters from Northern Indiana who have lately been attending Horizon Central while in Indianapolis.  That alone is worth a listen.)

Palmer St. Podcast: Ephesians 4:1-16

Immaturity can be defined as imperfection, greenness, unpreparedness, inexperience, childishness or ineptitude.  In this section, Paul shows us how a church can grow up – how a church can become mature, ripe and fruitful in the deepest spiritual sense.

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Palmer St. Podcast: 1 Corinthians 14

Chuck Smith in his book Charisma Versus Charismania begins with a story of the abuse of the gift of tongues that he witnessed as a young man. The church in 1st Century Corinth bore some similarity to the church of Chuck Smith’s 20th Century youth. It seems some of things that made Chuck uneasy made the Apostle Paul uneasy too. Today’s chapter deals with a church’s prioritizing and use of the Holy Spirit’s gifts.

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