Make Disciples. Week 3: Prayer


This evening we will be gathering again for Week 3 of 12 in our “Make Disciples.” series. This one is on Prayer.   

Below you will find links to an overview of the full 12 weeks and for the third area on the map, Embracing God’s Story: Prayer.


Week 3

During the 12 weeks, we are addressing areas on a comprehensive discipleship map.  After discussing each area, we will try to establish Milestones that would provide evidence of personal spiritual growth – markers that we work toward.  I’ll leave you with a prayer I composed a while back and which I keep at the top of my own prayer list document. 

Father, please use our nothingness to do something for your glory.  Despite our insignificance, do something truly significant.  Use our weakness to show that you are strong.  Use our limitations to show that nothing is too difficult for you.  Bypass our inadequate understanding by showing that you can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.  Apply your inexhaustible resources to our seemingly large, but ultimately finite, needs.  Use us to draw attention to your greatness in this inattentive world.  Bring the free gift of eternal life in Christ through us to a world that is lost and dying.  Amen.


Central Streaming: James on Prayer

watchman-nee-1903-1972Faced with a pile of problems, we may say with our lips that only prayer can solve them, yet we talk more than pray, worry more than pray, and scheme more than pray. In sum, everything is put before prayer.  – Watchman Nee (1903 – 1972)

James 5.13-18.pdf

James 5.13-18.mp3

Central Reflections: Prayer is a priority.

The Letters of Paulapostle-paul

Prayer ought to be front and center among the things that the church is involved in.  If we want the church to have lasting impact, then God’s will must be our primary concern.  That happens through prayer.

                     1 Tim 2.1-8.pdf              1 Tim 2.1-8.mp3 

Central Streaming: Waiting for Jesus

The Letters of Paulapostle-paul

Paul writes to encourage an exemplary church.  Despite their affliction, they need to stand firm and continue waiting for Jesus.

                     1 Thess.pdf              1 Thess.mp3

Central Streaming: Counsel for Every Christian

The Letters of Paulapostle-paul

The Church in Philippi was a strong and active church and had a good relationship with Paul. He still takes time to remind them of some basics of living life as the people of God.

                     Phil 4.1-9.pdf          Phil 4.1-9.mp3

Central Streaming: Jesus in Prayer


  • It is the night before Jesus is crucified.  Christ is fulfilling the role of a high priest by interceding for his followers – both in prayer and by then going to the cross.  He prays for both the disciples that were with him and future disciples like us.

John 17.pdf

John 17.mp3