Central Streaming: Church and State

Paul’s Letter to the Romansapostle-paul

Christ must have our first and complete loyalty.  Still, human government is also instituted by God.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Radical Submission

In this passage we will hear Peter’s instructions regarding the Christian attitude toward authority – and it is extremely instructive to us. Writing from Rome, and living under the tyranny of a maniac who would later literally crucify him, he tells us to submit.

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Palmer St. Podcast: A Lesson on Prayer

It’s interesting. Jesus never taught His disciples how to preach or teach the Bible. Nor does it seem they ever asked Him. But they frequently observed Him praying – the God-Man communing with His Father. On at least one occasion they were motivated to ask Him for a lesson on the topic – so He gave them one. Paul now gives Timothy a brief lesson here.

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Palmer St. Podcast: Romans 13

What was the attitude of the apostles toward the Roman government? Did they organize themselves into rebellious militias? Did they become angry misfits like Unabomber Ted Kaczynski or Timothy McVeigh? Here in Romans 13, a chapter written to the churches in Rome, we’ll read first hand what Paul actually taught regarding a proper attitude towards the government. As it turns out, it was not very controversial.

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