39 Books: Job – Suffering Well

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Job – Suffering Well

The story of Job reminds us that life can be difficult and we do not always get the answers we want when we want them.

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Central Streaming: We Do Not Lose Heart.

The Letters of Paulapostle-paul

Paul speaks out of his own experience, reminding us that our affliction is temporary.  It is also nothing compared to the glory that will one day be ours.

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Central Streaming: Behold Your God!

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Isaiah 40 describes God’s vision of a restored relationship with his people.  It also shows us at least nine things the Lord wants in a restored relationship with you.

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The Prophet Isaiah

Palmer St. Podcast: An Enduring Impact

Someday we will wake up and find ourselves in the heavenly glory of our Lord’s presence. All our tears will be wiped away, all our problems will be solved and all our hurts will be healed. But we’re not there yet. (Sorry.) The world we live in is still fallen and full of difficulties. If we expect our lives to have an enduring impact, then we must be people who are able to endure.

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