About Dave

Dave is married to Ginger, his bride since 1990.  They live in Indianapolis, near downtown.  They have two daughters, Krystiana and Eliza, who live in Indianapolis too.

They share their house with Dave’s mom, Florence.  From the street it looks like a 50-50 duplex arrangement.  Inside, however, it’s more of an 80-20, with Dave & family getting the “bigger half”.  Mom is happy with it that way as it gives her fewer stairs.

Home Sweet Home     The house, built around 1910, was rebuilt in 2002.

Dave is the the pastor of Horizon Central.  The church owns and meets in Old School #18, at 1001 E. Palmer St., near Fountain Square on the near SE side of Indy.

You can visit the church’s website, more of a “blogsite” really, at http://www.horizoncentral.net/ or call the church office at 317-917-0450.

Email Dave:    dave@horizoncentral.org

Call Dave directly at 317-407-0572.

Snowmen       At a park in Cleveland, OH

            Snowmen               Eliza, Ginger, Dave, Krystiana    
These pictures were taken years ago.

6 thoughts on “About Dave

  1. Thanks for the update. I had to listen to a teaching. It is good to hear your voice. Check out ww.npcf.com Robert put that together. We are trying to catch up to our services on site as well. For a bit of teenage humor you can checkout http://www.rob-os.com.

    As always your family is in our prayers.

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